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    “Someone once asked me if I’d rather be a great chef or be rich.
    I told him I believed the two were one in the same.”

    Marlon Arulanantham
    Head Chef

    Marlon Arulanantham
    Head Chef

    My six years of experience as a chef is backed by a many years of preparation and training. From pretending to assist my aunt and uncle in their restaurant, to drawing inspiration from my pastry chef grandmother, I discovered that food could be fun, creative and delicious. Having learned to cook at the age of 7, my parents ensured that if they never made it home one day I’d be able to survive. However, they never assumed I would eventually pursue a career in the food and beverage industry. As much as I’ve learned thus far, I know there is much more to discover. Thankfully, Rivoli is allowing me develop my talents while challenging me to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction day in and day out.

    Jason Strulovitch
    Food & Beverage Director

    After 15 years in the industry, I’m proud to have earned the role of Food & Beverage Director at the Novotel Montreal Airport. I have worked at every level and taken on almost all the positions in a restaurant at one point or another in my career. This collective experience is proving to be critical in managing a multi-faceted restaurant, bar and meeting rooms. My goal is to achieve full customer satisfaction by creating memorable guest experiences via a true culture of caring at Rivoli.

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